About us

CICSA is an engineering company created in 2008, and since then has developed the management of innovative technologies in the area of ​​building maintenance, industrial and infrastructure.

Through its Research & Development department, and with the contribution of the global elite companies it represents, it incorporates elements of value in terms of products, equipment and solutions to a Latin American market, which does not intend to be passive in the face of new options and needs.

We are working in a continuous process of improvement, providing suitable and innovative solutions for soil stabilization, waterproofing, repair and reinforcement of structures, joints sealing, injection of resins and mortars, finishes of industrial pavements, project elaboration and restoration of structures, temperature control of surfaces, protection of surfaces affected by wear and corrosion through technical coatings.


Offer quality technological solutions with the consequent benefit for our customers:

• Maximum efficiency from the technical, economic and installation point of view

• Long lasting solutions

• Less maintenance

• Less investment in time


To be referents in the South American market in terms of technological solutions for building, industrial and infrastructure maintenance, both in the public and private sectors.