Crack Sealing Solutions

UREYECT Technology

The Ureyect Technology consists in the application of urethane resins for the repair of buildings through the control of filtrations.


Since they form very effective impermeable barriers to water infiltration, they are normally used in the following applications:

• Sealing of leaks in concrete structures for the containment of liquids and buried structures (treatment tanks, grain silos, etc.).

• Sealing in inserts and penetrations of pipes in walls or concrete slabs.

• Repair of storm and sewage drains

• Repair of cold joints and expansion joints

• Sealing of cold joints in new concrete (these are joints not foreseen in the planning of the work due to involuntary interruptions).

• Sealing leaks in cracks.

• Stabilization and consolidation of soil.


Among the benefits of this technology, we can remark:

• Applicable on different base materials (Concrete, Masonry, Soil)
• Clean and easy application method
• Immediate sealing of leaks
• Resistant to many organic solvents, diluted acids, bases and microorganisms
• Once the foam solidifies, it is an inert and non-toxic material
• This technology is applied through injections using electric or pneumatic pumps.