Solutions for Thermal Insulation

INSULAT 230 Technology

The INSULAT 230 Technology is based on seamless thermal insulation systems with only 1 polymeric acrylic component.

It is applicable to pipes (up to 230ºC) and vertical flat surfaces (up to 200ºC).

In combination with the primers available, it offers a perfect protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI). In this way, it comes up as an alternative to typical insulation systems such as rockwool, which lose their insulation properties over time.


• Pipes, valves and components insulation
• Tank insulation
• Roof coating
• Interior and exterior wall insulation
• Interior and exterior ducting
• Facilities and fluid piping at high temperature

Areas of use

• Gas industry
• Refineries
• Textile plants
• Pulp & Paper
• Oil companies / Petrochemicals
• Ships & Boats
• Anticondensation


Among the benefits of this technology, we can remark:

• Easy application / installation – requires less time than other insulating systems
• Long lasting (resistant to moisture and UV rays, it helps to prevent corrosion)
• Less surface preparation compared to other systems
• Extremely light and flexible, it expands and contracts together with the surface on which it has been applied
• Can be applied directly on hot or cold substrates
• Requires a minimum volume around the equipment and structures to be applied
• Excellent radiant reflectiviy and emissivity properties, it significally reduces radiant energy gain
• Low thermal conductivity – excellent conductive insulation properties
• Very good burn safety characteristics, excellent for personnel protection
• Good adhesión, it bonds well to a variety of substrates
• Reduces or eliminates condensation


Based on the scientific findings against solar radiation for the protection of Space Shuttle, this insulating technology has been developed, a highly reflective low thickness liquid ceramic coating.

Due to its characteristics, it ensures a better thermal insulation and a high energy saving, both in summer and in winter.


• Roof protection
• Asbestos encapsulation UNI 10686/98
• Exterior facades and concrete
• Interior surfaces
• Wood surfaces
• Metallic surfaces and warehouse

This coating can be used on porous or smooth surfaces, even on old paints.


• High Reflectance → Reflects 85% of the received solar and infrared radiation.

• High Emissivity → Fast heat dissipation (greater than 90%). It prevents the heat from being retained in the structure and prevents the increase of the interior temperature during summer. During winter, the interior temperature increases due to the restitution of the thermal flow.

• Reduces the temperature amplitude of materials and related problems → Deterioration in reinforced concrete structures, irons, expansion joints; the problems of “thermal bridges”; molds and condensations.

• High elasticity and adhesion to the substrate → Repairs and completely covers microcracks up to 0.5 mm. It adapts to the movements due to maturation or thermal amplitudes, without cracks or fissures. Great adherence to different supports (concrete, metal, porous and smooth surfaces).

• Good breathability to water vapor → It releases excess moisture to avoid loss of insulation, without blistering or deterioration.

• Long lasting and resistance to natural aging processes → Reflectance to radiation and vapor breathability protect against all physical-chemical reactions

• Impenetrability to atmospheric agents → Dirt, smog, bacteria, mold and algae can not adhere to surfaces that, in addition, become self-cleaning.