Solutions for Structural Reinforcement

CARBO Tecnology

The CARBO Technology offers fast installation solutions for the repair and repowering of structures.

For this, it uses composite materials (reinforcement + matrix), which have high rigidity and mechanical strength, and also allow high performance against compressional, bending and shear stress.

The reinforcements fulfill the function of increasing the rigidity of the constructive element and absorb tensile stresses with a minimum elongation. These have several presentations such as: sheets, fabrics or meshes made of fibers of different materials (carbon fibers, glass fibers, basalt fibers, galvanized or copper steel).

The matrix fulfill the function of wrapping, protecting and adhering the fibers in the armor. This can be cementitious or epoxy resin. In addition, they allow:

• Ensure the proper transfer of stress from fiber to fiber, making the sheet work as a whole.
• Protect fibers from environmental aggressions and wear.
• Prevent fiber shifts (horizontal or by buckling).
• Guarantee the adherence of the reinforcement to the substrate and between layers.


They are applicable both in new works and in the repair of works already made. In addition, they can be used in wooden structures, concrete, masonry and metal structures, such as:

• Buildings
• Bridges
• Concrete reservoirs
• Silos
• Tanks
• Industrial structures
• Transformation of barns in cereal deposits (use of tensioners, repowering of bases, reinforcements of columns)
• Sewer and storm works


These technologies have the following advantages:

Fast installation (reduces the lead time of work by 75% compared to a traditional solution of concrete screed).
Dry installation and without welding (therefore, reduces the inconvenience on site and also reduces labor costs).
High modulus of elasticity (depending on the type of fiber)
Excellent resistance to fatigue
Excellent resistance to chemical attacks