Solutions for Corrosion problems

This technology consists of high performance system to protect different types of surfaces from corrosion. For this porpuse, it applies coatings based on 1 single component Moisture Curing Polyureas (MCU).

Since it only requires three to four different one-component products and one thinner to protect the entire structure, it is the easiest to stock and apply with the fewest potential errors.


It is used to protect various types of substrates from corrosion: Steel, Stainless steel, Iron, Concrete, Aluminum.

It has many applications:

Bridges, storage tanks, conveyors and piers, coolings towers, cranes, floors, locks and gates, equipments and atomotive and industries such as hydroelectric, energy, marine, offshore, industrial, chemical, petrochemical, mining, oil & gas, immersion, civil construction, etc.


The main competitive advantages are:

• Ease of application
• Long life performance
• Thin film technology with excellent performance
• Proven outstanding performance to marginal surface preparation
• Quick commissioning


The unique technology that has surface tolerance with zinc primer.

• Less surface preparation. Lower rougness profile needed. Tolerant to all surface preparations standards.
• 3 times less undercutting corrosion.
• Best adhesion even on poor prepared surfaces. Perfect adhesión on old coatings.
• Less costs of blasting material, conditioning areas and men hours.


Our resins are much more flexible than epoxies and will avoid microcracks.

• Extreme impact resistance
• Zero cracking (1 component)
• Higher abrasion resistance
• Excellent resistance to UV rays
• High resistance to blistering (permeability inside the coating)
• Very long term protection


Moisture is not our enemy.

• Applicable from 0% to 100% RH.
• Applicable from -20°C up to 90°C.
• Applicable to damp surfaces.
• Short curing times and resistant for fast immersion (30 minutes)
• Faster overcoating (with Quickcure within 30 minutes!).
• Perfect primer technology for direct and superb adhesión to concrete.


Easy to use.

• No mixing errors
• Faster turn over
• No pot life
• 1 Thinner for ALL products