Solutions for Building Restoration

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the assistance in projects and execution of works in structures and facades of heritage buildings. Over the years, we have developed the use of technologies and materials that allow the recovery of historical facades with the least possible intervention.

The technologies employed can be divided into two large groups:

RECUPERO Technology

This technology is based on a bunch of procedures for the enhancement of historical heritage, using the old techniques of the master front builders with the new tools and materials of today.

The RECUPERO technology includes:

• Integral Facade Cleaning
• Consolidation of existing detached plasters
• Replacement of plasters
• Re-execution of coffered ceilings and premolded pieces
• Special protection of fronts and hydrofugations
• Restoration and / or repowering of Patrimonial and Historical Buildings structures
• Restoration of roofs and roofs made of zinc, wood or different materials

PARIS Technology

This technology allows you to obtain unique materials to make or recover handicrafts or historical details. Through laboratory techniques, it is possible to identify the original composition of the material used and reproduce it faithfully. It is also possible to modify the plasticity and consistency of the original mortar in the place where it will be applied (Front, Molds, Ornaments).